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El Profesor, aka Larry G. Goldman, is a well known bassist/composer/producer/arranger based in the suburbs of Los Angeles. His family history goes far back to Israel then thru the Northern Horn of Africa to Spain, then uprooted and thru the Baltic Regions landing outside of Kiev. Upon more historical uprooting they came thru Germany, France and England eventually landing on the shores of America in New York City. Some went to Argentina with their craftsman skills to join in the building boom in Buenos Aires at that time. They later joined up with the remainder of the family in America and settled in Philadelphia.

Lawrence (Larry G.) was musical education began at an early age in Philadelphia by his father who sang opera and played the spanish guitar. El profesor learned the violin in grade school from a member of the famed Philadelphia Orchestra. He later switched to bass and percussion and also sang in several bands thru High School. Upon receiving a congressional scholarship to Temple University, Lawrence studied music while performing in Lenny Prieto's 'La Familia' salsa band (performing for Santana and annual Miss Puerto Rico contests and dances). He was also a founding member of the popular jazz fusion band, Free Flight who performed all over Philadelphia and included shows at several colleges and a radio station fund raiser concert with Beatle, John Lennon on his Helping Hand Tour.

After forming his own ensembles who played many concerts in Philadelphia outdoors and in the clubs, he took one of his groups to Atlantic City where they were one of the only jazz pop groups to play regularly at Billy's Pub in Bally's Casino mixing up setlists with a variety of composition from the likes of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Manhattan Transfer compositions in contrast to songs by the Police, Stevie Wonder, Billy Paul and